Laboratory Testing


Laboratory testing is often necessary for complete evaluation of your pet’s health. Our on-site lab provides same-day service on most routine laboratory tests and we send out more comprehensive panels to a larger lab. If you are vacationing in the Gunnison Valley, we can also coordinate with your regular veterinarian to perform routine laboratory tests while you are here away from home.

We offer the following lab tests:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis (UA)
  • Blood-Chemistry Panel
  • Heartworm
  • Fecal Examination
  • Skin Scraping
  • Cytology
  • Fungal Culture
  • Thyroid
  • Fine-Needle Aspirates
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Diseases
  • Allergy and Immunotherapy
  • Histopathology



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